You can see why Hypnos have Royal warrant. The Hypnos Swinton is a medium tension mattress whilst the Hypnos Walter is a firm mattress. If one of the biggest UK hotel chains trust Hypnos to give you a great night’s sleep I’m sure you can trust them in your own bedroom too. Apart from that, they're very similar. Hypnos Solace Mattress Reviews Introduction. Reply. A king size mattress is 5’0” wide by 6’6”long or 150cm wide by 200cm long. Also don’t forget to stop by our DISCOUNTS & VOUCHER CODES page for the latest savings. Hypnos mattresses are recommended by 83% of owners on GoodBed (based on 54 ratings + 3 reviews). Would not recommend ! Read Hypnos Customer Reviews. That is why we put together a virtual scale for this Hypnos mattress reviews page. Ready to become a member? Like a high-class restaurant using only the finest ingredients to create their dishes, Hypnos use only the highest quality materials because they know what goes in the mattress affects how comfortable and durable it is making these mattresses a fine investment in you and your sleep. It's got the same spring count, the same construction methods and it gets similarly glowing reviews (4.7/5). In case anyone from Hypnos reads this review - here is my order number GBTB132652. Q&A Hypnos. This product has received, on average, 4.30 star reviews (53) Exclusive to John Lewis & Partners. Reviews Hypnos. But, if you don’t like a firm mattress, or you’ve tried the Hypnos ortho mattress and didn’t like it then this is the one for you, it’s soft and comfortable and the bounce can be really good if that’s what you’re looking for. Made from all-natural materials such as New Zealand wool, alpaca, fleece and horsetail. Weve bought a new 2020 model Elddis Affinity, delivery date in Februari. Fantastic bed - can highly recommend Have recently purchased a Hypnos bed complete with headboard, not only is the mattress superbly comfortable, it looks superb and is of a very high quality. Find a Retailer. A. ccording to Harvard Medical School, most individuals don’t get enough sleep.Going without adequate sleep carries with … There we have it, a selection of Hypnos Mattresses reviewed including some of the best available. We had gone to the Hypnos factory to check and try the mattresses, but were not made aware of the sinking/ridge problem. Purchase and delivery. No Back Pain: Hypnos: 8.5/10 Relyon: 8.6/10. Your email address will not be published. IF you’re looking for something cheaper then I’d have a look at my pocket spring mattress reviews, that’s the type of mattresses Hypnos specialise in and I’ve got some other great choices that are cheaper but perhaps not as high quality, what they will do however is give you a great night’s sleep. We would recommend a Hypno mattress for those interested in a: Below is a rough guideline summary on certain aspects, this is an average of the models. Overall Score: Hypnos: 8.8/10 Relyon: 8.6/10. This is a testament to the highest standards Hypnos mattresses and beds upheld themselves to. Prices are for double mattresses. Be the first. Share. From luxuriously sumptuous mattresses and firmer mattresses that care for your back, to truly bespoke mattresses, we have it all. And a spring count of 1600 is very nice, high enough to give you some luxury but low enough to keep the cost reasonable. Constructed in subtly different configurations, each Hypnos mattress offers a different range of comfort and support levels. Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress Reviews Introduction. Sign In.